sophia kruz

sophia is a documentarian. we met at a screening of her film "little stones" which showcases women using arts to thwart gender based violence


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tara ward

tara is a lecturer at the university of michigan. i took her class "modern art modern women"

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marianetta porter

marianetta is a professor at the university of michigan. she makes multimedia work about african american women's stories. i took her class "identity politics in art & design" 


d wang zhao

d is a nonbinary artist whose work revolves around trans identities (michigan '18) 


jo ellen pellman

jo ellen is a music theater actor (michigan '18) we worked on a film in London in which she played an english girl and i was the cinematographer for the project


alia shawkat

alia is an actor best known for her role on Arrested Development. i met her at the Women's Convention in Detroit in 2017 (where i briefly interviewed her for the film)


anthony mora

anthony is an associate professor at university of michigan. i took his "sex and sexuality in US pop culture" class